01st Mar 2014
Price Check! Redemption for 3/2014.

Price Check! Redemption for 3/2014.

Redemption Report for March 1, 2014 In the Positive Only three sets are worth redemption as of March 1, 2014: Theros, Magic 2014, and Magic 2013. The analysis below is...

22nd Jan 2014

Phenax, Jace, and Friends

Phenax, God of Deception I’ve always had a soft spot for the mill strategy. So, I am biased when it comes to this card. On the surface, milling is generally...

14th Nov 2013

Price Check! MTGO Redemption Worth It?

Let's take a look at the current numbers.

11th Nov 2013

Grixis Planeswalkers [Standard]

Why Grixis? There’s something delightful about the removal-packed Black, Red, Blue combination of Grixis. Between black’s removal, red’s burn, and blue’s card advantage, there are many utilities to combat decks...

07th Oct 2013

TWR: October 7, 2013

#Overview While Theros has been out for over a week now in paper Magic, this weekend was the first peek on Magic Online with the prerelease events beginning on Friday....

01st Oct 2013

Izzet Haste Dragons

Theros Standard Deck Brewing.

30th Sep 2013

Finding a Home

I discuss finding a home for my Magic musings.

30th Sep 2013

TWR: September 30, 2013

Price Watch for Magic Online.